Who are we

We the North Etobicoke Resident Council (NERC) live in, work in, engage in, and participate in North Etobicoke, that includes:

Mount Olive-Silverstone-Jamestown
Thistletown-Beaumond Heights
Elms-Old Rexdale
Kingsview Village-The Westway
Humber Summit
and Humbermede.

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Our goals

The NERC seeks to ensure that the voices of residents are heard and represented through decisions that affect and impact the community.
Facilitate change in negative attitudes that affect the productivity and growth of individuals, groups and the community as a whole. Ensure accountability by communicating on activities and reporting on decisions made by the community for the community.

All members of the NERC have an equal voice in deliberations.
The consensus is the chosen method of decision-making amongst members of the North Etobicoke Residents Council, that includes discussion, amendment, and negotiation, to achieve a majority.

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Our supports

In addition to residents, the NAP (Neighborhood Action Partnership) Table is the main supporting body for the NERC, and provides human as well as material resources to the NERC.

The North Etobicoke Residents Council works with the NAP Table to ensure sufficient resources and supports are allocated through the City and agency stakeholders to advance NERC directed work.
The NERC determines local priorities through consultation with residents and other stakeholders from the various NIA's (Neighborhood Improvement Associations).

The NERC establishes Working Groups to implement actions and activities to address or further neighbourhood priorities

The NERC sets key priorities on a yearly basis, develops long-term goals, and vision that articulates Rexdale as a healthy and vibrant community of the future.

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Next Steps...

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